New Directions

The New Directions Way

New Directions is a specialist property investment, development and asset management company based at our headquarters in Newmarket, Suffolk. We operate throughout the East of England and surrounding counties.

Whilst we are a relatively new company, our management team are highly experienced property developers, residential house builders and consultants with a passion for creating beautiful living experiences. We have a particular passion for helping our clients take a new direction in life and flourish.

We work with property occupiers and owners, public sectors and businesses, and operate as principal contractor focusing exclusively on developing and refurbishing housing. We take an innovative, cost effective and lifestyle-led approach and also place sustainability at the head of our delivery model.

We source and evaluate opportunities and enable the delivery of bespoke buildings and spaces which meet the operational, financial and social aspirations of our partners.

Typically, we bring passive investors on board on a fixed return basis, or alternatively, a partner using a joint venture structure tailored specifically to meets the needs of all parties and thus creating a ‘win-win’ scenario. This provides our clients with the opportunity to share in the experience, and in the profits