New Directions

Joint Ventures

At New Directions, we pride ourselves on being different, working closely with all our partners and stakeholders, and going that extra step further.

Do you want to:

• Own a Partners stake in the success of a project
• Learn about property development
• Diversify into another business sector
• Build your dream home
• Be more active in retirement
• Create a succeeding income – maybe you are a professional sports person with a time limited career
• Take personal ownership of your time
• Work in a professional partnership that will help you achieve maximum returns on your land or property.
• Create a better quality of life for you and your loved ones

There are many educators out there willing to sell you expensive training in all aspects of property investment and development, but the truth of the matter is that the practice is very different from the theory. There are a multitude of pitfalls and challenges to overcome requiring the input of many different disciplines and specialist expertise. No two projects are ever the same and things do go wrong. Without the right team around you, your project, finances and future wellbeing may be at risk.

At New Directions, we offer select qualified investors, the opportunity to enter onto a customised Joint Venture arrangement and make possible the fulfilment of your property aspirations. You can get to see firsthand how we achieve a viable business case, budget, procure the professional team, design, manage the planning process and other statutory authorities, schedule the works, select and prepare contracts, manage risk and deliver the physical scheme. We make possible the fulfilment of our partners’ property aspirations.

We can fund up-front costs and purchase with, or from you.

We do this through joint ventures and other flexible arrangements tailor-made to suit your specific needs. We have direct access to the financial resources, expertise and supply chain needed to source, evaluate and maximise the value of our development sites.

Is your existing space no longer working for you or otherwise unsuitable?

We draw on our vast knowledge and contacts in the property market, supported by the consultancy and development expertise of New Directions. This allows us to source and evaluate both on-market and off-market land and property opportunities for our investors and partners who require the delivery of high yielding, inspirational and lifestyle-led homes.

By funding up-front costs, often introducing marginal increases that others fail to see and realising planning gains, we make possible the delivery of spaces that would not be viable for our partners on a stand-alone basis.

Partnering, funding and co-investing

As both a property development consultancy and a property developer, we work closely with joint venture partners to source, acquire and develop land and property in what can often be a highly challenging environment. New Directions’ value to our partners is based on the ability to leverage the core areas of expertise and the experience, working for both landowners and occupiers, as well as being independent developers ourselves, thereby benefiting from knowledge gained throughout the whole development lifecycle.

New Directions offers a distinctive approach to property development and the delivery of inspirational and lifestyle-led spaces. We create solutions and add value by making better use of under-utilised, tired and distressed land and property. We identify opportunities that in planning terms could increase in density, benefit from a change of planning use and/or more beneficial mix of uses, or otherwise evolve to our clients’ and partners’ requirements.

We undertake to cover initial costs and project manage the planning application and development process.

We use this approach to leverage our skills, knowledge, expertise and wider resources to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome. We do this by either working as property development consultants or preferably by acquiring sites ourselves either on a stand-alone basis, or by entering into joint venture initiatives with our clients and partners.

Referrals – Are you a professional person who would you like to earn significant fees?

If you are a solicitor, mortgage broker, financial advisor, accountant, agent, surveyor, architect, consultant, or indeed anyone working with high net worth individuals seeking greater returns, or new business opportunities, effective introductions will always be recognised. Furthermore, relevant professionals can be retained to secure their ongoing involvement in projects, agents retained for future re-sales or lettings and binding agreements entered into to secure a share of future profits.

For further information on our joint venture opportunities throughout the East of England and surrounding counties please contact us now.