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New Directions provide select qualified investors with great investment returns

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• Earn a fixed and reliable income
• Grow your savings at a higher rate
• Supplement your retirement income
• Create additional wealth
• Create a better quality of life
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We are experts in property development across the East of England and surrounding Counties. We have many years’ experience in the residential property investment, development and construction sectors, and a proven track record in producing excellent investment returns. We continuously look to innovate and adapt, producing a sustainable, secure and affordable living experience including the very latest home technologies. We start by looking beyond the obvious, identifying property developments with the potential for outstanding transformation. We work hard across areas that are due to experience high levels of capital gain as well as steadily increasing rental yields, making our product amongst the strongest performing investment property in our area.

Great care is taken throughout the development process to identify and manage out risk. By bringing high quality assets to market as genuinely affordable housing, our property developments are exceptionally appealing to both investors and owner-occupiers alike. However, it is also our emphasis on creating high quality, secure and sustainable living that generates such high levels of demand for our product.


At New Directions, we are looking to build high-quality business relationships with serious investors based on tailor-made investment vehicles to meet your needs. We offer a personal Investor Relations Manager, regular professional reports and 1-2-1 reviews to ensure that your investment needs continue to be at the forefront of everything that we do. We have access to off-market investments which offers you the opportunity to generate excellent returns.

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We are not Financial Advisor’s (IFA’s), nor do we offer legal, tax or accounting advice, but we do work with highly trained professional advisors to find suitable solutions. Please use your own professional advisors to explore and understand your options. Any investor must be qualified for regulatory requirements.